product safety

Your child’s safety is of supreme importance to Koaala. Over 2 decades of experience in kidswear with the most renowned global brands has given us profound knowledge towards international product safety parameters, that is reflected across our entire collection.

We love our work, hence all activities ranging from cutting to packing are executed in-house. Therefore, quality is ensured through in-house, state-of–the-art equipment across multiple tiers of manufacturing.

Moreover, our garments pass through a rigorous button pull test (17 lbs approximately) to determine the strength of button stitches. So, under any circumstance your little one will be unable to pull the button off and pop it in his/her mouth. Babies love poping buttons, don’t they?

All (yes, 100%) garments go through a needle detector machine in order to find the tiniest fragment of a broken needle which at times could get stuck in between seams and can potentially harm your child while putting on or taking off the garment. Trust us when we say that a lot (and we mean a lot) of needles are broken in the stitching process (motor of the stitching machines runs at approximately 2,000 rpm).

Work is stopped until each and every little piece of the broken needle is found. The operator is not issued a fresh needle until all unaccounted needle parts are handed over. Incase the needle point is stuck in the garment and cannot be retrieved that garment is straight away rejected and put in a sealed rejection box, we do not believe in cutting any corners. Koaala, being our first domestic brand is way close to our hearts and so are you. We are committed to provide you with great designs and top-notch comfort without compromising on quality. We have taken the precautions, so you and your little one can sleep like babies.